What is self-care?

NZSMI (New Zealand Self Medication Industry) is the premier body representing companies involved in the manufacture and distribution of non-prescription consumer healthcare products in New Zealand. The association also represents related businesses including advertising, public relations, legal, statistical and regulatory consultancy companies and individuals.
Our purpose is to promote the best interests of our members through negotiation, debate and cooperation with a wide range of stakeholders in our own region and around the world. We also gather the best and most current information from diverse sources and disseminate it our members to alert them to potential issues that may affect their product or its market.
NZSMI is a member of the World Self Medication Industry (WSMI) and our Executive Director sits on the board of that organisation. WSMI is a non-government organisation made up of over 50 member associations located on all continents of the world with affiliations to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Our membership of WSMI enables us to track and contribute to international trends and developments in consumer healthcare.
Our membership levels cover large global pharmaceutical suppliers, local manufacturers and distributors and the major players in the vitamins, minerals and supplements markets.



Tania Newman – GSK – President
Sean O’Flaherty – Pfizer – Vice President
Cheryl Knox – Douglas Pharmaceuticals
Lloyd Price – Mylan New Zealand Limited
Mathias Stuchly – Bayer Consumer Care
Kurt Renner – Go Healthy – Complementary Health Committee Sub-committee Chair
Leeson Brook – Johnson and Johnson
Daniel Smith – Reckitt Benckiser
Rene Bros– Blackmores NZ Limited



This subcommittee meets six times a year and is chaired by Deborah Owen from Mylan. The major purpose of the regulatory and technical subcommittee is to discuss issues that affect the relationship between sponsors and Medsafe as the regulator.

The subcommittee provides responses to submissions requested by Medsafe; acts as the industry liaison body with Medsafe on matters associated with regulatory and technical issues. The subcommittee also provides recommendation and advice to members on request.



This committee meets six times a year to better understand the responsibilities and opportunities around growing the complementary healthcare market and better educating the public in this area. They are also charged with promoting the highest standards of manufacture and the availability of researched based product marketed with appropriate therapeutic claims that fulfil all regulatory requirements. This committee also prepares submissions to the Medicines Classification Sub-committee and Medsafe and aims to be a primary conduit of information within the wider industry.