We benefit our members in three vital ways:

  • 01. We act as your advocate to influence key groups in their attitude towards the availability and access to OTC medicines and other industry products.
  • 02. We provide a forum for you to participate in shaping the future of the industry and to network with other major players in the industry.
  • 03. We are your source of essential industry information, keeping you up to date with all current industry news and changes across marketing, regulations, and industry trends.





We are the voice of the self-care industry driving change through member contribution, industry interaction and government lobbying.


We establish best practice in governance and service.


We are committed to competency development of members and dissemination of evidence based information to the public.


We maintain consistently high standards in policy and action for the benefit of consumers and industry.




  • NZSMI is recognised as a principal voice in the self-medication industry. Our prominent position means we can represent your interests to key groups including:
    • Health professionals
    • Health-related politicians
    • Health policy makers
    • Consumer organisations
    • Trade partners
    • Trade-related organisations
    • Media.
  • We can advise, act, and submit comment as your advocate on a confidential basis.

A forum for member contribution and networking

  • We regularly convene working groups for members to discuss key issues. For example, if new legislation affecting the industry is proposed, we will create a working group to consider the implications and make a submission to the relevant select committee.
  • We also invite our members to contribute to the development and implementation of self-regulatory industry codes of practice, through which we hold ourselves accountable and maintain industry integrity.
  • We hold an annual conference with seminar meetings, which provides SMI members with further networking opportunities with industry colleagues.

A source of vital information

  • Members are kept up to date with all relevant industry issues, and receive regular email updates on current local and international issues and progress. We keep you abreast of the essential news and opinions, global  and local.
  • Members are invited to exclusive SMI-hosted seminars and events to acquire in-depth information and  analysis on industry topics such as advertising, marketing, and regulation.
  • Members have full access to our regularly updated database of regulations and changes.



To become a member, please go to the top of the page and click on the ‘Members Area’ button and you will get a window that will allow you to sign up.

If you have any questions, please contact us.