Jul 2017

Pharmacy Guild still trying to rescue codeine

by Theresa Brady   |   in OTC News Uncategorised   |   on 04 Jul 2017

The Pharmacy Guild is looking to state governments to allow a New Zealand-like model for the supply of codeine containing medicines to patients in community pharmacy. It is calling for a “structured supply arrangement, prescription ‘except when’ scheduling model” from February next year, when codeine products are up-scheduled to prescription only. A guild spokesperson said […]

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Jun 2017

Digital Ad Spend Surges For Pharma

by Theresa Brady   |   in OTC News   |   on 29 Jun 2017

SMI data shows that agency spend on Australian Doctor, the only remaining weekly tabloid, has risen 50.5 per cent compared to Q1 2016, with the publication earing $216,566 in the most recent quarter.

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May 2017

Disease awareness advertisements under fire

by admin   |   in OTC News   |   on 30 May 2017

The use of so-called ‘disease awareness’ advertising leads to waste, over-diagnosis and inappropriate therapy according to an article published by the Journal of the America Medical Association (JAMA). Issuing a call for stricter regulation of the promotional approach – which is largely unregulated in the US – author Dr Vinay Prasad from Oregon Health & Science University said: “Because […]

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