Mar 2019

Time to reform meds reclassification process

by Brenda   |   in OTC News   |   on 04 Mar 2019

By Scott Milne, executive director NZSMI Comments reproduced from an article in Pharmacy Today (March issue) We are bitterly disappointed and stunned at the announcement by the Health Ministry on February 25 that it would restrict access to popular OTC cough and cold medicines containing opium and squill, as well as dextromethorphan and modified-release paracetamol […]

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Nov 2018

How to market to millennials

by Brenda   |   in OTC News   |   on 15 Nov 2018

By Brenda Saunders I was asked by an earnest, young (early 20s) PR consultant once “How did you find out stuff before Google?” Typical millennial, I thought, as my mind raced back to the days of phone calls, contact books, typewriters and libraries. However, the reality is millennials were born between 1982 and 2004, according […]

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Nov 2017

Government too conservative on OTC switch

by admin   |   in OTC News   |   on 03 Nov 2017

Consumers are looking for innovation and products beyond the pill, says Alan Main, Sanofi’s Global Head of Consumer Healthcare. Mr Main was recently in Australia to attend the World Self Medication Industry (WSMI) Conference in Sydney. He said industry will need to adapt and offer more innovation. “For example, in the United States in 2014 our consumer […]

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